The Mortal’s Enemy

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” –Chinese Proverb

“The world is a vampire, sent to drain.” –Smashing Pumpkins


At this phase of my journey, and it happens in phases, I’ve come to understand some things. Bear in mind, this is all coming from subjective personal perspective. My truth.

To quote a friend, “there is no truth, because everyone’s truth is different.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Seeing my world through my own individual lens, I say the following, based exclusively on my own life experiences. Results may vary person to person.

  1. Any passion that provides us joy, and subsequently brings joy to others, is a passion worth following. Doesn’t matter what it is, just do no harm while pursuing it.
  2. The work involved, is work worth doing, if it brings happiness to self, and others, despite the pitfalls and struggles encountered.
  3. The past does not dictate the future.
  4. Existence is a test.
  5. The more we stumble, and fall, the stronger we become. We may feel the fool for falling, but that feeling goes away; eventually replaced by something better. All scrapes and bruises heal.
  6. Never live in fear. Fear is a brutal, ruthless force to be reckoned with. Fear takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. It’s influence is provided free of charge to anyone looking for a taste, and fear peddling salesmen are lurking on every corner. Be wary of fear, hopelessness, and despair merchants. Looking to bury some fear and despair? Disconnect from the source. My disconnect was television and movies. Ditch TV for one year… you’ll never want to go back. It’s depressing in there.
  7. Time cares not for us. It moves forward regardless.
  8. Fear, is time’s wielded weapon of choice.
  9. Time, is the mortal’s enemy.

My goals in life are simple within my allotted time: Provide for my family, first and foremost. Be the best dad and husband I can be within my current paradigm. To be in this world, and not of it, and always pursue personal growth. Stop living vicariously through others. Publish my full length novel, and it’s sequel shortly thereafter. Work on the series until completion, continue to work on developing skills that make me a better human being…

… Done.

That’s all folks.

Sounds easy, some would say.

Well… it’s not. (sigh)

At least for me, it’s been a trial by fire. I’ve been burned to certain degrees to a point where I question why I bothered. Listening to the conniving words of the despair peddler knocking at my door. At the time, taking it all as a sign. A sign induced by fear, and I recognize that now. I’m learning my lessons the hard way. Focusing on passion, and interests, while being a parent, husband, and a worker bee in the world hive, I’ve learned to be effective with time.

Burns will heal too. It just takes a little longer to recover from sometimes as the wounds demand some extra attention.

Time is not friendly, and when it sends its energy sucking fear minions to run amok and drain the essence and spirit from us unsuspecting victims, time becomes even less friendly. I’ve learned along this journey, that thing called fear, was the biggest obstacle I faced. A fear of failure. Fear of falling down. Fear of even starting the adventure in the first place. Fear of thinking about that thing I feared. Fear of asking questions. Being afraid to ask for help. Fear of being burned along the way.

The ol classic, “You want to do… what now? You’re not special. Foolish mortal.”

It has nothing to do with being special. Just… proving to myself I can do more, and be more, than what I’m told I should do, and be. 

What if? What if? What if? What if?

Stop being afraid. You are your own worst enemy.

Running around the brain 24-7.

You have to.


Because you do.


You’re asking impossible questions.

Eventually this content will wrap back around to where it all started over one hundred posts ago with Nancy, Bill, the dreams, and my imaginary friend, Joe, but for the moment, I need to take a second and apologize.

My intention here is not to preach. That’s not how I roll. If I ever sound preachy, my apologies. I fully understand it can be taken the wrong way, and to some, might sound a little like a skipping record.

I don’t want anyone to listen to me, or believe the things I believe, or say, or take my advice, or do anything other than live your own individual truths.

I’m an idiot. Don’t listen to me.

All I want to repeatedly convey is… don’t be afraid… of anything. Fear is everywhere and takes many dastardly forms. It poisons the soul, and provides no rewards. Live fearlessly and unapologetic. Succumb to fear, and you will be trapped forever. Right where it wants you.

I believe we all have a little spark, made up of some kind of innovation, rooted deep inside us, hiding. Every-now-and-again, that spark comes to life when we least expect it, and subtly whispers in our ear. It’s that moment in time, that fraction of a second where the enemy is weakened enough to where the fear can be pushed back… that’s the moment to strike.

I believe our individual spark can light the sparks of others, if we allow it to be seen and shared. I believe that’s the ultimate goal. The true reward.

Sparks light fires.

If my teeny tiny spark ever has a positive impact on someone else, and ignites their spark…?

Mission accomplished. The more sparks and fires, the better. That’s how we heal the world.

If that spark whispers to you, listen for a moment and react to it with an open mind and heart. Create. Inspire. Sing. Write. Sketch. Draw. Build. Paint. Pursue the passions, share them with the world, and do it fearlessly. If you have a skill, utilize it. If you have passions, pursue them. Have a talent?… do something with it. Time moves forward and waits for no one.

Don’t be afraid to let your spark out. Battle through the fear, face it head on, and make the enemy your bitch.

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