Heart and Soul

Things have happened recently that make me question my reality. Things that go beyond the realm of what I’ve always considered normal. Moments where I really have to stop and ponder, think it through, and be grateful. Recent paradigm shifting situations that make my eyes open wide, and to be honest, a tear may well to the surface from time to time.

I’m a big boy. I can shed a tear or two if it’s warranted. 😉

I don’t deserve this.

I can’t believe this is happening to me!!

Are those TV shows/networks truly following me on Twitter? No…way… you only have thirty five followers… how is this possible? There must be some kind of mistake.

To quote, the Princess Bride, “Inconceivable!”

My brain has difficulties processing it all sometimes. The beginning of all this, to where I am today. In fact, it’s a little overwhelming at times and I find myself catching my breath as I try to wrap my mind around it. Because I can’t fathom the evolution of what’s occurring around me, I merely smile, and follow the journey’s path regardless and try to push on. I just have to continue as though I’m doing what “I” believe is the right thing for me.

And, with hopes it helps someone or two along the way.

Even as I compose this entry, I shake my head in disbelief and absolute bewilderment.

How is this possible…

So, before I continue, I must take a moment and say, thank you. From the bottom of my heart and soul. From the deepest places within me.

To the casual readers and browsers. The quick material skimmers. The subscribers. My Facebook friends who support me and have supported me since day one. My new Twitter family. Thank you. When I started this adventure, I never in a hundred trillion years could’ve believed it would ever have reached this point. I am humbled and honored beyond words. 🙂

Time is a precious commodity to me and I attempt to use it wisely. I keep to myself with social media. I don’t share much about my personal life and my feelings about things. However, I live inside the Chronicles Project and this is where I do my sharing. I allow my heart and soul to guide me now, and this is where I put it all.

It takes a lot to catch me off guard now-a-days or make me stop dead in my tracks. All I can provide in the moment is a heartfelt thank you, to each and every one of you. All of you make my soul smile.


Joseph Everett was right about one thing. I needed to look beyond the literal. To drop the wall of blatant intentional ignorance I had constructed around me, and see beyond the darkened veil.

Life had been moving so fast in such a brief period of time, by default, I couldn’t see beyond that wall. The veil was so high and thick, the literal was all I could visualize and the only thing in my life that made sense. I had the inability to see anything more than five feet away. I lived within my own bubble.

The next morning, after that visit to the refuge, I sat in my office chair in my small living space and questioned concepts such as synchronicity. Signs and symbols. Things which could be construed as coincidence and happenstance, but also quite possibly have a higher or different meaning.

Dream interpretation(s). Visions. Contemplation of the mystical.

I didn’t act on any of these thoughts. I only sat in my swivel chair, fingers laced behind my head, spinning in one place while staring at the ceiling.

No. Wait! What are you doing?!

I have to know…

Like the clue found in the linen closet, there could possibly be another one. The ball of yarn still had a home resting comfortably on top of my desk’s pencil holder. I knew the answers could be buried deep within the bowels of the internet somewhere, yet I wouldn’t know unless I tried looking for them. Can’t allow a series of dreams to make me go crazy without at least exploring all avenues first. These visits to “Joe’s world,” where I was nothing more than a guest, were growing cumbersome without receiving any concrete answers in return. To completely ignore it all would be careless. At least that’s what I believed at the time.

I dug and searched. I poked, prodded and perused. I turned over some stones and read some stuff. I researched a bit and scrolled through various articles. After about forty five minutes of looking and seeking out those hiding answers, I found myself on one final page.

There it was. As plain as day. The literal answer. The only thing that made any sense to my fractured mind. I reached into my bottom desk drawer and removed a notebook. If my printer didn’t need more ink, I would have just printed all the information out instead.

After copying all the material from the computer screen, I double checked my words, looked it over a couple of times to ensure I had it all correct and everything was legible. I’ve never had the best penmanship, so I really have to reread my hand written words and when all was said and done, I closed the laptop, left the house and fired up the car.

I felt relieved with my decision. My feelings on the interpretation of the events I witnessed the night before. I allowed my heart to guide me to the destination and I didn’t think twice on the matter.

An hour later, and after triple checking my grocery basket, I had all the ingredients needed to make an apple pie.

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