Murder of Crows



“Harbingers. Winged messengers. I witness a murder of crows. From ancient lore and lands cross the sea, they know what eternity holds. From the fringes of these broken dreams I watch as it all unfolds. A brand new me, new sights to see, a new visage to behold.

Guardians of omens, light or dark, a symphony of wings. Then stoic silence, the gathering, to reveal what the future brings.

I bask in the light of crepuscular rays breaking through the quiet dawn. A brand new day, a brand new place, a brand new unsung song. Anger is tempting, vengeance alluring, find balance between right and wrong. To resist is the task, time to tear off the mask, step forth from a life withdrawn.

Entering the Murder’s realm, hands up, declaring surrender. They take a step back, poised to attack, regarding me as an offender. A thousand eyes cut through my mind, they see me as a pretender. My bloodshot stare returns their gaze, while I revel in their splendor.

“I mean no harm, I only wish to know, that which I don’t understand. I’m not anything more than a simpleton. A decent common man.”

“Go back to sleep, delve in deep, and come up with a plan. To master self and seek the truth, is what you wish to conquer and command. Soar new heights, re-scan the land, open up and then expand. Once that’s through, find another you, only then will you understand.”

At four am, eyes fluttering, I wake up from my sleep. I scoured the mind, bode my time, searched high, and burrowed deep. The Messengers opened up a door and visited while asleep. A tear hit the floor, but nothing more, couldn’t bring myself to weep.

While a serpent sits upon a throne of lies and sings it’s venomous song, I now feel free, a new destiny, chin up, and feeling strong. The road is a rocky, hole strewn stretch, and the journey seems so long. But it’s mine to walk, and I must take stock, of what was mine all along.

I approach my window, glance outside, search high and to the grass below. No one knows what the future brings or which direction the path will go. All I know while questioning, almost everything I know. The future me, will now look to the trees, and seek out a Murder of Crows.” JSM

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