The Seeker

“Truth belongs to the seeker, though more tempting to keep eyes closed. It’s wandering inside, attempting to hide behind falsities superimposed.

Conviction blazes the trail. The light to guide the path. Without conviction and sight to find truth in the plight, we’re trapped in the aftermath.

Reality is merely a legend, a myth, buried beneath sands of time. The path there is subjective, with changing directives, for the one who seeks the sublime.

They call you delusional, crazy, insane, pointing fingers and placing blame. Keep the chin up high and the eyes on the prize. Learn how to play the game.

The rules, a challenge to follow, and always in disarray. Constant movement and motion, like waves of the ocean, with a current that leads us astray.


However, the rules can be easy, by changing the terms of the game. Tear the rule book in half, then sit back and laugh, and go against the grain.

The enemy of life is time, it’s mightiest weapon the burden of proof. Continue the climb, and seek the sublime, without conviction there is no truth.” JSM

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