“Of my friend, I can only say this. Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.”   Captain James T. Kirk—Spock’s funeral.

Ode to a Friend

“We’ve been through much, you and I, two peas in a pod.

If Heaven awaits with it’s pearly gates, you’ll see the smile of God.

Angels take on many forms, for myself, I know it’s you.

With you at my side, our final ride, under that sky of blue.

I waited for you to tell me, the clues were abundantly clear.

I saw your pain, through my wracking brain, and I knew the end was near.

I was prepared to fight the good fight, no matter what the cost.

But the look on your face, death’s quickening pace, a cause that’s all but lost.

Today I grieve, but I cannot cry, your picture sits on my desk.

I’ll continue to see you every day and wish for you the best.

There’s an emptiness within my home, a void that can’t be filled.

A hole in my heart since we had to depart, though your destiny fulfilled.

You made this house a happy place and guarded it with your life.

Barking at leaves and the wind through the trees, cutting silence like a knife.

My dog had personality, more than most humans I’ve known.

From the days of a puppy, happy go lucky, each day I watched you grow.


Today I say goodbye and I still refuse to cry.

I smile for a moment when I think on the torment she’ll give the mailman in the sky.”  JSM

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